Welcome to Mind Designing by ‘Life Coaching’

‘Mind Designing’ aspires for the wellbeing of mind. It is re-educating  ourselves to learn to balance our minds in regards to thoughts & responses in a manner so that we are ready to deal, face & fight with any situation in life, enjoying at the same time, creating wonderful results.

We, at ‘Mind Designing’ under ‘Life Coaching’ are concerned about very practical dimensions of the issues related to career, life & relationships, in which interaction between a professional – ‘Life Coach’ and a client takes place which leads to metaphor from a less adaptive state to a more adaptive state, creating balance in the client’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors paving ways to joyous outcomes.

‘An apt & meaningful Life Coaching is a wise investment for life’!

Meaning of Life

Life…has no meaning unless you create!

Is life just to survive, participate in the rat race or become a utility?
Life is just a ‘chance’… & has no meaning unless you create!
It is all up to you, when & how you take it and what is created out of it.
We are here to be creative, enjoy life & celebrate our being ‘alive’.

Let’s take charge of your mind & make life the way you want!

  • Positive Psychology Coaching

Welcome to the Positive Psychology Coaching!


“Growing with Peace, Happiness & Self-satisfaction is the key of wonderful living & can be maintained”.

  • Art Of Thinking

'To change anything in life, Change your thoughts'!

‘ART OF THINKING’ is a away to attain comprehensive mental health which is sequentially responsible for one’s physical, social & spiritual health.

  • Dr. G. C. Mehta 'The Life Coach'

Radiologist, Positive Psychologist and Motivational Speaker

Dr. G. C. Mehta MBBS, DPC, DFE, DMRD&I, CLC (CANADA), is enthused to inspire others to create and empowering them to live life to the fullest by radically changing the way they invest their time and energy.

Founder of ‘MIND DESIGNING – a way to meaningful life’ and by profession, a Radiologist, Positive  Psychologist, Internationally Certified Life Coach through the Certified Coaches Alliance (Canada) & Motivational Speaker, possesses great vision for life, mentoring skills and coaching expertise, committed to personal and professional growth, and has ability to interpret life for all practical purposes.

  • Client Testimonials


We feel suffocating at times when we are in relationship. Many a times, thoughts of shattering other knocks you . Inspite of knowing universal definition of right and wrong , our ego collides. Our relationship also had many accidents. Thanks to Dr. Mehta who taught me to recover , he told me how to take turns to avoid negative situations. He helped me to be a person I always wanted to be.